Jan 152013

A frequently asked question: If there are so many contradicting stories, what should I believe or do? Avoid, prevent, or just use my cell?

Our opinion is dat you should be dealing carefully with radiation. Best is to avoid all kinds of radiation. Especially when it concerns cell phone radiation close to your body. These are personal considerations, but a life without a cell phone is not feasible for many. That is why we advice to first compare the radiation levels before buying a cell phone.

When you have a cell phone with a favourable radiation level you can apply the following tips:

  • Compare the radiation levels on this website
  • Turn off the internet connection on your Phone if you only use it occasionally. Otherwise your device will broadcast continuously in many instances.
  • Buy a headset with a cable. This gets the source of radiation further away from your body.
  • Turn off you cell phone at night
  • With a bad connection or reach the cell phone has to emit more radiation to get connected. Radiation levels are highest when the phone connects.
  • Check for Phone MASTS in your area.
  • Make sure the Phone is not turned on all day in your pant pockes or vital body area’s
  • Read information on the internet regarding the latest developments. Also check effects for more extensive information.