Jan 152013

We compare radiation levels of the most popular smartphones in the tale below. We compare SAR values, Connect values and compare prices. Read the explanation on the right hand side too. Pick a phone with a combination of a low SAR value and a low Connect value. Samsung phones have a good rating with the Galaxy Note phones/tablets and the Galaxy Beam and S3. HTC also scores well with the sensation and HD2. Apple’s iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 have (very) high SAR ratings and Connect values. This list is being updated on a regular basis.

ProducerModelSAR ValueConnect ValueDate AddedCompare
HTCOne X+0.66-0.211-4-13Compare
HTC8 S0.72-0.071-4-13Compare
NokiaLumia 820 (RM-824)1.281.471-4-13Compare
LGNexus 40.55-0.3712-13-12Compare
NokiaLumia 920 (RM-820)0.7-0.1212-13-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Note II N71000.17-0.811-11-12Compare
MotorolaRazr i0.85011-11-12Compare
AppleiPhone 50.90.0711-11-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Beam0.28-0.639-7-12Compare
LGOptimus 3D Max0.69-0.278-5-12Compare
Nokia808 Pure View1.230.38-5-12Compare
LGP880 Optimus 4X HD0.62-0.38-4-12Compare
AppleiPhone 4S0.980.411-5-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy Note N70000.26-0.7611-5-11Compare
SamsungGiorgio Armani Galaxy S I90100.51-0.262-16-11Compare
NokiaE7-00 (RM-626)0.56-0.263-7-11Compare
RIM/BlackberryTorch 98000.91-0.171-6-11Compare
HTCGoogle Nexus One0.8210002-27-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy S30.34-0.546-4-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia P (LT22i)0.7810006-4-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia S (LT26i)1.310006-4-12Compare
HTCOne S0.69-0.145-10-12Compare
HTCOne X0.910.085-10-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Curve 97901.470.364-20-12Compare
NokiaN9 (RM-696)1.160.443-2-12Compare
HTCSensation XE0.780.272-8-12Compare
NokiaLumia 800 (RM-801)0.94100011-24-11Compare


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