May 072013

A nurse who works in the brain injury unit of a physical rehabilitation hospital said, in the past year, she is suddenly seeing more people coming in with brain tumors and noticing the patients are younger and younger.

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Feb 272013

Belgium forbids the sale of cell phones that are specifically designed for children up to 7 years old as well as commercials aimed at children up to 14 years. The ministers of health and of consumerbusiness have processed a royal decision that is being decided upon coming friday.

Both decisions should decrease the exposure of radiation for children to phone radiation. Also SAR values have to be shown in stores. The minister wants to make selling earphones obligatory for each cellphone.


Jan 232013

Parents in Encinitas were pulling their kids out of school because of health  concerns at a charter school according to fox5sandiego. “She’s been attending this school since kindergarten,” said Sonya Goodwin, a  mother.  “I pulled her out of the school just after Christmas, because I  have concerns about the 18 cell sites.”

Cell towerMichael Schwaebe is an engineer and environmental consultant hired to conduct  a study at the school for the parents.

“I would not have my child in this school,” said Schwaebe. “The levels  of radiation the levels I found were very discomforting.”

Schwaebe found high levels of radio frequency power density. “At that level there are dozens of studies that show significant health  biological effects,” said Schwaebe.

“He would like to see the readings about a million times below what FCC  recommends,” said Executive Director of Julian Charter Schools Jennifer  Cauzza.  She calls Schwaebe’s study unrealistic.

Jan 222013

The new laboratory can take SAR measurements for CDMA, GSM 2G and 3G mobile handsets according to indiatoday.

The government has said that new mobile phones manufactured in the country or imported should start following the stricter radiation norms by September 1. The radiation level should be displayed on such handsets.
Telecom minister Kapil Sibal, while commissioning the SAR laboratory, said, “We have set up a lab in the country so that mobile phones can be tested here for electromagnetic radiations. More such labs will be set up across the country starting with Mumbai.”

Jan 182013

Galaxy iPhoneApple’s iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 have relatively high radiation values. With a SAR value of respectively 0,98 and 0,9 these are even above the recommended levels in Germany. The connect values are also above the industry average with 0,4 and 0,07 respectively. Samsung scores well with its Galaxy ranges. Its Galaxy Note 2 smartphone has a SAR value of 0,17 and connect value of -0,8 and leads the radiation charts of low radiation cell phones.

The popular Galaxy S3 , HTC Sensation and Galaxy Beam are also in the top 10.

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Jan 162013

There is a connection between the use of a cell phone and a brain tumor ruled the Italian Court.

The case was addressed by a 60 year old businessman whose face is partly paralized. He claims this is caused by a braintumor which was developed because of high use of the cell phone. The Italian Court rulted in favour of the man and judged that there is a causal connection between using the cell phone and the development of the tumorHet Italiaanse Hof stelde de man in het gelijk en oordeelde dat er een causaal verband is tussen het gebruik van een gsm en de ontwikkeling van tumor.

“Important news for many, because they are not aware of the risks of using a cell phone” Accodring to the businessman in Italian paper Corriere della Sera. “I used the phone for at least 5 to 6 hours a day and held it pressed against my ear”.

The oncologist who provided the evidence for the case thinks the ruling is very important, “Finally the correlation between electromagnetic waves and the development of tumors is officially recognized” he claims.