Jan 152013

We compare radiation levels of the latest 25 cell phones in the table below. These include the Lumia 820 (RM-824), Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and Nexus 4. Read the explanation on the right hand side too. Pick a phone with a combination of a low SAR value and a low Connect value. This list is being updated on a regular basis.

ProducerModelSAR ValueConnect ValueDate AddedCompare
SamsungGalaxy S Duos0.47-0.411-4-13Compare
HTCOne X+0.66-0.211-4-13Compare
HTC8 S0.72-0.071-4-13Compare
NokiaLumia 820 (RM-824)1.281.471-4-13Compare
LGP760 Optimus L90.39-0.412-13-12Compare
LGNexus 40.55-0.3712-13-12Compare
NokiaLumia 920 (RM-820)0.7-0.1212-13-12Compare
LGE610 Optimus L50.52-0.112-13-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy SIII mini0.520.1512-13-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia T0.850.1912-13-12Compare
HTCDesire X1.111.2412-13-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Note II N71000.17-0.811-11-12Compare
MotorolaRazr i0.85011-11-12Compare
AppleiPhone 50.90.0711-11-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Beam0.28-0.639-7-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Ace 20.50.159-7-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Go0.890.539-7-12Compare
LGOptimus 3D Max0.69-0.278-5-12Compare
LGE510 Optimus Hub0.71-0.248-5-12Compare
LGE906 Jil Sander Mobile0.60.18-5-12Compare
Nokia808 Pure View1.230.38-5-12Compare


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