Jan 162013

There is a connection between the use of a cell phone and a brain tumor ruled the Italian Court.

The case was addressed by a 60 year old businessman whose face is partly paralized. He claims this is caused by a braintumor which was developed because of high use of the cell phone. The Italian Court rulted in favour of the man and judged that there is a causal connection between using the cell phone and the development of the tumorHet Italiaanse Hof stelde de man in het gelijk en oordeelde dat er een causaal verband is tussen het gebruik van een gsm en de ontwikkeling van tumor.

“Important news for many, because they are not aware of the risks of using a cell phone” Accodring to the businessman in Italian paper Corriere della Sera. “I used the phone for at least 5 to 6 hours a day and held it pressed against my ear”.

The oncologist who provided the evidence for the case thinks the ruling is very important, “Finally the correlation between electromagnetic waves and the development of tumors is officially recognized” he claims.


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