Jan 162013

How much radiation does your phone emit? Phoneradiationlevels.com supplies an oversight of radiationvalues of all mobile phones.

Worldwide there are around 6 billion active cell phones. Still there is almost to zero attention given to the potentially harmful effect of radiation on human health. We all agree that a Cell Phone emits electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to radiation in general kan be harmful for human tissue. The extent of damage mainly depends on the type, intensity and duration of exposure to radiation. It also seems to depend on the level of radiation sensitivity for a specific person.

There is research that suggests there are no harmful effects and there is research that suggests the opposite. Up to date there is still no convincing research that shows no harmful long term effects of cell phone radiation on health.

The lack of evidence for this is the reason for phoneradiationlevels to launch. We advice to deal carefully with all kinds of radiation untill such proof is established.

On this site we publish radiationvalues of most mobile phones. We include SAR values as well as the more extensive Connect value. We also supply tips on dealing with radiation and keep you up to date with the latest news on the matter.


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