Jan 152013

On this website we inform you about the different kinds of radiation. A celllular phone is often carried directly on the body. This means that it is a direct form of radiation. There are many contradicting stories about the effects of radiation on human health, these are published on the website.

We further compare mobile phone radiation levels. These levels concern both SAR as Connect Values for the newer of elder phones. You can check and compare how much radiation your current phone emits and what the radition values of a new phone are. We included prices so you can first look at the comparison table before buying a new cell phone.

Our vision is that a cell phone with low radiation levels should be preferred untill there is evidence that radiation has no long term negative effects on human health. Always make sure to check the information on this website and other sources before deciding.

May 072013

A nurse who works in the brain injury unit of a physical rehabilitation hospital said, in the past year, she is suddenly seeing more people coming in with brain tumors and noticing the patients are younger and younger.

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Feb 272013

Belgium forbids the sale of cell phones that are specifically designed for children up to 7 years old as well as commercials aimed at children up to 14 years. The ministers of health and of consumerbusiness have processed a royal decision that is being decided upon coming friday.

Both decisions should decrease the exposure of radiation for children to phone radiation. Also SAR values have to be shown in stores. The minister wants to make selling earphones obligatory for each cellphone.


Jan 302013

Leave the end date of your contract below. You will then receive a reminder with the phones with the lowest radiation values before the end date of your contract. This helps you pick out a new phone with favourable radiation levels.

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Jan 232013

In this table we compare 20 cell phones with the lowest radiation below or around $150.

You can check the ammount of SAR Radiation and Connect Value. By clicking on compare you will compare prices of the Phone. On the right hand of this page you will see more information on these values. Leave any comments or tips below the table

ProducerModelSAR ValueConnect ValueDate AddedCompare
SamsungWave 5330.32-0.5912-12-10Compare
SamsungGalaxy5 I 5500.65-0.2711-6-10Compare
Nokia6700 Slide0.91-0.266-4-10Compare
LGE510 Optimus Hub0.71-0.248-5-12Compare
NokiaE5 (RM-634; RM-632)0.88-0.241-7-11Compare
Nokia3710 Fold (RM-509)0.95-0.192-5-10Compare
SamsungGalaxy3 I 58000.57-0.1710-6-10Compare
SonyEricssonXperia X80.84-0.1311-6-10Compare
LGE610 Optimus L50.52-0.112-13-12Compare
SamsungCorby 3G S33700.67-0.047-14-10Compare
Nokia2710 Navigation Edition0.730.077-14-10Compare

Jan 232013

Parents in Encinitas were pulling their kids out of school because of health  concerns at a charter school according to fox5sandiego. “She’s been attending this school since kindergarten,” said Sonya Goodwin, a  mother.  “I pulled her out of the school just after Christmas, because I  have concerns about the 18 cell sites.”

Cell towerMichael Schwaebe is an engineer and environmental consultant hired to conduct  a study at the school for the parents.

“I would not have my child in this school,” said Schwaebe. “The levels  of radiation the levels I found were very discomforting.”

Schwaebe found high levels of radio frequency power density. “At that level there are dozens of studies that show significant health  biological effects,” said Schwaebe.

“He would like to see the readings about a million times below what FCC  recommends,” said Executive Director of Julian Charter Schools Jennifer  Cauzza.  She calls Schwaebe’s study unrealistic.

Jan 222013

The new laboratory can take SAR measurements for CDMA, GSM 2G and 3G mobile handsets according to indiatoday.

The government has said that new mobile phones manufactured in the country or imported should start following the stricter radiation norms by September 1. The radiation level should be displayed on such handsets.
Telecom minister Kapil Sibal, while commissioning the SAR laboratory, said, “We have set up a lab in the country so that mobile phones can be tested here for electromagnetic radiations. More such labs will be set up across the country starting with Mumbai.”

Jan 182013

Galaxy iPhoneApple’s iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 have relatively high radiation values. With a SAR value of respectively 0,98 and 0,9 these are even above the recommended levels in Germany. The connect values are also above the industry average with 0,4 and 0,07 respectively. Samsung scores well with its Galaxy ranges. Its Galaxy Note 2 smartphone has a SAR value of 0,17 and connect value of -0,8 and leads the radiation charts of low radiation cell phones.

The popular Galaxy S3 , HTC Sensation and Galaxy Beam are also in the top 10.

Check out the full list here.

Or setup a reminder of the end date of your contract. You will receive a notification with the lowest radiation cell phones well before your end date

Leave the end date of your contract below. You will then receive a reminder with the phones with the lowest radiation values before the end date of your contract. This helps you pick out a new phone with favourable radiation levels.

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Jan 162013

There is a connection between the use of a cell phone and a brain tumor ruled the Italian Court.

The case was addressed by a 60 year old businessman whose face is partly paralized. He claims this is caused by a braintumor which was developed because of high use of the cell phone. The Italian Court rulted in favour of the man and judged that there is a causal connection between using the cell phone and the development of the tumorHet Italiaanse Hof stelde de man in het gelijk en oordeelde dat er een causaal verband is tussen het gebruik van een gsm en de ontwikkeling van tumor.

“Important news for many, because they are not aware of the risks of using a cell phone” Accodring to the businessman in Italian paper Corriere della Sera. “I used the phone for at least 5 to 6 hours a day and held it pressed against my ear”.

The oncologist who provided the evidence for the case thinks the ruling is very important, “Finally the correlation between electromagnetic waves and the development of tumors is officially recognized” he claims.

Jan 162013

How much radiation does your phone emit? Phoneradiationlevels.com supplies an oversight of radiationvalues of all mobile phones.

Worldwide there are around 6 billion active cell phones. Still there is almost to zero attention given to the potentially harmful effect of radiation on human health. We all agree that a Cell Phone emits electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to radiation in general kan be harmful for human tissue. The extent of damage mainly depends on the type, intensity and duration of exposure to radiation. It also seems to depend on the level of radiation sensitivity for a specific person.

There is research that suggests there are no harmful effects and there is research that suggests the opposite. Up to date there is still no convincing research that shows no harmful long term effects of cell phone radiation on health.

The lack of evidence for this is the reason for phoneradiationlevels to launch. We advice to deal carefully with all kinds of radiation untill such proof is established.

On this site we publish radiationvalues of most mobile phones. We include SAR values as well as the more extensive Connect value. We also supply tips on dealing with radiation and keep you up to date with the latest news on the matter.

Jan 152013

What is radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation consists of electrical and magnetical radiation. This radiation exists in many different frequencies. Low frequencies are often found in eg. compters and electrictronic equipment. High frequencies are often found in mobile phones and phone masts.

SAR Value

SAR means Specific Absorption Rate and is measured in W/kg. This means the amount of electromagnetic radiation penetrates living creatures and objects. Besides that it indicates how much is absorbed in human tissue. Should a SAR value be as low as possible? There are also indications that cell phones with a low SAR value have to emit stronger radiation to keep connection to the network. The German Insitute Der Blaue Engel advices a SAR value below 0,6 W/kg. The FCC certification is needed for a phone to be sold in the United States, the FCC states that the maximum SAR level must be 1.6 watts per kilogram. In Europe, the level is capped at 2 watts per kilogram, while Canada allows a maximum of 1.6 watts per kilogram.

Connect Value

The German magazine Connect introduced a new measurement in which they have included different factors besides SAR only. They name this the Connect radiationvalue. This value consists not only of the SAR value but also the effective power and transmisssion features. The value is the most effective transmission power in relation to the SAR value. The magazine also advices a connect value as low as possible when purchasing a mobile phone. It is unclear of which exact features the value consists. A negative value in the comparisons  on this website means that the value is lower that the average value. A positive value indicates an above average radiation load of the particular phone.

What is the connection speed of the different systems?

  • 2G GSM : 9.6 kbps or a multiple of this with HSCSD
  • 2.5G GPRS: 52 kbps (Possible extension to EDGE 384 kbps)
  • 3G UMTS: 384 kbps (max. 2 Mbps by applications)
  • 3.5G HSDPA to 14 Mbps
  • 4G LTE tp 100 Mbps
Jan 152013

A frequently asked question: If there are so many contradicting stories, what should I believe or do? Avoid, prevent, or just use my cell?

Our opinion is dat you should be dealing carefully with radiation. Best is to avoid all kinds of radiation. Especially when it concerns cell phone radiation close to your body. These are personal considerations, but a life without a cell phone is not feasible for many. That is why we advice to first compare the radiation levels before buying a cell phone.

When you have a cell phone with a favourable radiation level you can apply the following tips:

  • Compare the radiation levels on this website
  • Turn off the internet connection on your Phone if you only use it occasionally. Otherwise your device will broadcast continuously in many instances.
  • Buy a headset with a cable. This gets the source of radiation further away from your body.
  • Turn off you cell phone at night
  • With a bad connection or reach the cell phone has to emit more radiation to get connected. Radiation levels are highest when the phone connects.
  • Check for Phone MASTS in your area.
  • Make sure the Phone is not turned on all day in your pant pockes or vital body area’s
  • Read information on the internet regarding the latest developments. Also check effects for more extensive information.
Jan 152013

The effects of radiation on health have been extensively investigated and researched. Summarizing, none of these researches have found convincing evidence that cell phone radiation does not harm the health on long term. That is why we recommend to be catious with cellphone radiation, follow up the tips on this website, do research and select a phone with a low radiation value.

Research below is quoted from wikipedia and humo.

Indicator for Health Risks

  • In February 2009, Bouygues Telecom was ordered to take down a mobile phone mast in France due to uncertainty of health effects.
  • In October 2012, an Italian businessman was granted a pension for occupational diseases because he used a phone for 6 hours a day during twelve years. The court disregarded short term studies.
  • The large Interphone study is questioned by many researchers. The conclusions and data seem inconclusive about any general recommendations.
  • Many studies conclude that long term cellular phone use effects have not yet been sufficiently been resarched
  • A swedish study (2004) suggests that regular use of a mobile phone over a decade or more was associated with a type of brain tumor. This increase was not noted in those who had used mobile phones for less than 10 years.
  • A study by Mr. Santini found a clear increase in the following symptoms at people living near a phone mast: Headache/Migraine, Sleeping Disorders, Irritation, Depressive Complaints, Tiredness, Lack of Concentration, Memory disorders. More recent and independen studies from Austria by Hutter et al. and from Spain by Navarro et al. lead to similar conclusions. At levels of 10–100 μW/m² there is an increased chance of these symptoms, while many people are exposed to thousands μW/m².
  • Swedish research to published epidemiological papers found that cell phone users had an increased risk of malignant gliomas, a link between cellphone ue and higher rate of acoustic neuromas, tumors are more likely to evolve on the side of the head that the phone is used on and that one hour of cell phone use significantly increases tumor risks after ten years or more.
  • On may 31 2011, The  International Agency for Research on Cancer classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Indicators agains Health Risks

  • The European Commission concluded that their evidence indicates that exposure to radiofrequency fielsds is unlikely to lead to an increase of cancer in humans.
  • A 2006 Danish study showed no increased risk of cancer after following 420.000 citizens for 20 years. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection considers this report inconclusive however.
  • The Interphone project, a collaboration between 13 nations did not find a solid linkbetween the use of mobile phones and brain tumors.  Dr. Christopher Wild, Director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) commeted that observations at high levels of cumulative call time and the changing patterns of mobile phone use, especially regarding young people, should provide for further research. Australian authors stated that due to biases and error limits in the study,  the strength of any conclusions is limited. Hence even if there was an effect, it would have been likely undetectable.
  • Both a swedish study (2005) and a German study (2006) concluded that no overall increased risk of glioma or meningioma was observed among cellular phone users.
  • Research at the National Cancer Institute found that while cell phone use increased from almost 0% to  almost 100% between 1992 and 2008, trends in glioma did not mirror that increase.
  • An extensive British research, questioning 900 people with a brain tumor and over 1700 healthy people found no connection between mobile phone use and brain tumors.
  • Electromagnetic radiation is able to change an atom above a certain limit. This limit lies at 3,28 × 1015Hz which is similar to ultraviolet light. Mobile phones work with frequencies that are about a million times lower.


Jan 152013

We have created a list of Cell Phones and Smartphones relative to their radiation levels. In the table below you can check for all Phones the ammount of SAR Radiation and Connect Value. By clicking on compare you will compare prices of the Phone.

Pick a Phone with a low radiation value which has a combination of a low SAR rating and a low Connect Value (as negative as possible). On the right hand of this page you will see more information on these values.

ProducerModelSAR ValueConnect ValueDate AddedCompare
SamsungGalaxy S Duos0.47-0.411-4-13Compare
HTCOne X+0.66-0.211-4-13Compare
HTC8 S0.72-0.071-4-13Compare
NokiaLumia 820 (RM-824)1.281.471-4-13Compare
LGP760 Optimus L90.39-0.412-13-12Compare
LGNexus 40.55-0.3712-13-12Compare
NokiaLumia 920 (RM-820)0.7-0.1212-13-12Compare
LGE610 Optimus L50.52-0.112-13-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy SIII mini0.520.1512-13-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia T0.850.1912-13-12Compare
HTCDesire X1.111.2412-13-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Note II N71000.17-0.811-11-12Compare
MotorolaRazr i0.85011-11-12Compare
AppleiPhone 50.90.0711-11-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Beam0.28-0.639-7-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Ace 20.50.159-7-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Go0.890.539-7-12Compare
LGOptimus 3D Max0.69-0.278-5-12Compare
LGE510 Optimus Hub0.71-0.248-5-12Compare
LGE906 Jil Sander Mobile0.60.18-5-12Compare
Nokia808 Pure View1.230.38-5-12Compare
LGP880 Optimus 4X HD0.62-0.38-4-12Compare
LGP700 Optimus L70.760.198-4-12Compare
LGE400 Optimus L31.11.078-4-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryCurve 93201.5610007-31-12Compare
LGE610 Optimus L50.910007-31-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryCurve 93801.4710007-31-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryCurve 93601.4710007-31-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy S Advance i9070P0.43-0.047-6-12Compare
HTCDesire C0.680.287-6-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia P Sola1.250.527-6-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia U1.220.637-6-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy S30.34-0.546-4-12Compare
SamsungChamp de Luxe (C3310)0.8810006-4-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Y duos (S6102)0.7310006-4-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia U1.2210006-4-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia P (LT22i)0.7810006-4-12Compare
SonyEricssonXperia S (LT26i)1.310006-4-12Compare
HTCOne S0.69-0.145-10-12Compare
HTCOne X0.910.085-10-12Compare
HTCOne V0.870.165-10-12Compare
LGPrada Phone by LG 3.00.56-0.424-20-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Curve 97901.470.364-20-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryCurve 93801.470.524-20-12Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Curve 93601.471.154-20-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Wave 3 S86000.8310004-20-12Compare
SamsungOmnia W i83500.3910004-20-12Compare
SamsungS7550 Blue Earth0.680.13-20-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Y S53600.660.123-20-12Compare
NokiaN9 (RM-696)1.160.443-2-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy Xcover S56900.58-0.192-8-12Compare
NokiaLumia 710 (RM-803)1.3-0.022-8-12Compare
HTCSensation XE0.780.272-8-12Compare
Nokia700 (RM-670)1.431.042-8-12Compare
SamsungGalaxy W i81500.52100011-24-11Compare
NokiaLumia 800 (RM-801)0.94100011-24-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy Note N70000.26-0.7611-5-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Pro0.88-0.111-5-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Arc S0.660.0311-5-11Compare
AppleiPhone 4S0.980.411-5-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy S2 i91000.34-0.5311-3-11Compare
HTCEvo 3D0.52-0.3211-3-11Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Torch 98600.92-0.310-8-11Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Bold 99000.770.0510-8-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Mini0.780.0910-8-11Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Torch 98100.970.2910-8-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Mini Pro0.46-0.29-9-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Ray0.961.739-9-11Compare
NokiaX7 (RM-707)0.94-0.028-7-11Compare
NokiaE6-00 (RM-609)1.140.058-7-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Neo1.11.028-7-11Compare
Nokia6303 Classic (RM-638)1.1110007-17-11Compare
HTCWildfire S0.90.236-9-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Play0.36-0.675-7-11Compare
SamsungNexus S I90230.5-0.185-7-11Compare
LGP970 Optimus Black1.180.315-7-11Compare
HTCDesire S100010005-7-11Compare
HTCIncredible S100010005-7-11Compare
LGP990 Optimus Speed0.55-0.144-8-11Compare
SamsungStar II0.96-0.034-8-11Compare
SonyEricssonXperia Arc0.660.064-8-11Compare
NokiaC3-01 Touch and Type1.180.174-8-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy Ace S58300.840.174-8-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy Mini S55700.960.444-8-11Compare
SamsungGalaxy 5510.38-0.633-7-11Compare
NokiaE7-00 (RM-626)0.56-0.263-7-11Compare
LGOptimus Chic1.520.53-7-11Compare
LGKM570 Arena II1.210002-27-11Compare
LGGD 510 Pop1.9210002-27-11Compare
LGP500 Optimus One0.9310002-27-11Compare
LGE720 Optimus Chic1.5210002-27-11Compare
LGGD 880 mini1.2310002-27-11Compare
HTCHD mini0.9910002-27-11Compare
HTCDesire Super0.7510002-27-11Compare
HTCGoogle Nexus One0.8210002-27-11Compare
AppleI phone 40.9310002-27-11Compare
LGKS365 Etna0.9410002-27-11Compare
SamsungWave II S85300.63-0.442-16-11Compare
SamsungGiorgio Armani Galaxy S I90100.51-0.262-16-11Compare
RIM/BlackberryBlackberry Bold 97801.15-0.032-16-11Compare
LGE900 Optimus 70.940.062-16-11Compare
NokiaE5 (RM-634; RM-632)0.88-0.241-7-11Compare
HTCDesire Z0.86-0.021-7-11Compare
NokiaX3-02 Touch and Type0.980.311-7-11Compare
LGOptimus One0.930.491-7-11Compare
RIM/BlackberryTorch 98000.91-0.171-6-11Compare
SamsungWave 5330.32-0.5912-12-10Compare
MotorolaMilestone 20.72-0.5212-12-10Compare
HTC7 Trophy0.65-0.3812-12-10Compare
HTC7 Mozart0.54-0.3412-12-10Compare
HTCDesire HD0.83-0.0912-12-10Compare
SamsungWave 5250.68-0.0112-12-10Compare
NokiaC7-00 (RM-675)0.730.1412-12-10Compare
NokiaC2 (RM-721)1.16100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC2 (RM-722)1.2100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC3 (RM-662)0.87100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC5 (RM-688)0.96100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC5 (RM-719)1.18100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC5 (RM-720)1.18100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC5 (RM-697)1.36100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC3 (RM-614)1.02100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC3 (RM-640)1.18100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC6 (RM-624)1.05100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC6 (RM-601)1.03100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC6 (RM-718)1.03100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC1 (RM-607)0.68100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC1 (RM-608)0.69100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC1 (RM-644)0.81100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC1 (RM-689)1.13100012-12-10Compare
NokiaC1 (RM-643)1.27100012-12-10Compare
SamsungGalaxy5 I 5500.65-0.2711-6-10Compare
SonyEricssonXperia X80.84-0.1311-6-10Compare
NokiaN8 (RM-596)1.020.7911-6-10Compare
RIM/BlackberryCurve 3G1.09-0.5810-6-10Compare
SamsungOmnia 7350.64-0.3610-6-10Compare
SamsungGalaxy3 I 58000.57-0.1710-6-10Compare
NokiaC6-00 (RM-612)1.050.2810-6-10Compare
AcerLiquid E Ferrari SE0.720.3310-6-10Compare
SamsungWave 7230.960.5810-6-10Compare
Nokia2323 (RM-543)0.9410009-16-10Compare
EmporiaTalk Premium0.7210009-16-10Compare
SonyEricssonW20i Zylo0.8810009-16-10Compare
HyundaiMB-105 chico0.3910008-18-10Compare
SonyEricssonXperia X20.9-0.538-7-10Compare
Samsungi9000 Galaxy0.24-0.58-7-10Compare
AsusGarmin Nüviphone A500.71-0.18-7-10Compare
SonyEricssonXperia X10 mini pro1.611.058-7-10Compare
NokiaN8 (RM-596)1.0210007-31-10Compare
SamsungC3510 Genoa0.64-0.237-14-10Compare
SamsungCorby 3G S33700.67-0.047-14-10Compare
Nokia2710 Navigation Edition0.730.077-14-10Compare
SonyEricssonVivaz pro1.030.097-14-10Compare
LGGS500 Cookie Plus0.990.217-14-10Compare
SamsungWave S85000.990.267-14-10Compare
SonyEricssonXperia X10 mini1.170.397-14-10Compare
LGGS290 Cookie Fresh0.990.457-14-10Compare
RIM/BlackberryPearl 3G1.380.767-14-10Compare
Nokia2220 slide (RM-591)0.3910006-29-10Compare
Nokia2220 slide (RM-590)0.7310006-29-10Compare
Samsungi9000 Galaxy S0.2410006-16-10Compare
Nokia6700 Slide0.91-0.266-4-10Compare
PalmPixi Plus0.990.786-4-10Compare
NokiaC5 (RM-645)1.340.796-4-10Compare
LGGD 880 mini1.231.066-4-10Compare
Nokia6700 Slide0.9210005-20-10Compare
SamsungOmnia Pro B76100.4110005-16-10Compare
Hewlett-PackardIPAQ Data Manager0.5910005-16-10Compare
PalmPre Plus0.790.185-13-10Compare
SonyEricssonXperia X101.250.635-13-10Compare
AlcatelOne Touch Tribe1.08-0.184-11-10Compare
SamsungB3210 Corby TXT0.63-0.14-11-10Compare
SamsungBlue Earth S75500.680.14-11-10Compare
SamsungOmnia Pro B73300.810.194-11-10Compare
SonyEricssonVivaz (Kurara)1.041.054-11-10Compare
LGGD510 POP1.291.494-11-10Compare
Hagenukfono DS300 Dual-SIM0.4310004-5-10Compare
SamsungS5230 Star0.5310003-18-10Compare
SamsungS7070 Diva0.9910003-18-10Compare
SamsungOmnia Pro B76100.41-0.43-12-10Compare
RIM/BlackberryStorm2 95201.020.183-12-10Compare
Nokia3710 Fold (RM-509)0.95-0.192-5-10Compare
NokiaX3 (RM-540)0.7302-5-10Compare
Nokia2730 classic1.020.32-5-10Compare
NokiaX6 (RM-559; RM-552)1.110.322-5-10Compare
Nokia2720 Fold0.960.962-5-10Compare

Jan 152013

We compare radiation levels of the latest 25 cell phones in the table below. These include the Lumia 820 (RM-824), Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and Nexus 4. Read the explanation on the right hand side too. Pick a phone with a combination of a low SAR value and a low Connect value. This list is being updated on a regular basis.

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Jan 152013

We compare radiation levels of the most popular smartphones in the tale below. We compare SAR values, Connect values and compare prices. Read the explanation on the right hand side too. Pick a phone with a combination of a low SAR value and a low Connect value. Samsung phones have a good rating with the Galaxy Note phones/tablets and the Galaxy Beam and S3. HTC also scores well with the sensation and HD2. Apple’s iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 have (very) high SAR ratings and Connect values. This list is being updated on a regular basis.

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